Mount Laguna Recreation Area

Laguna Mountain Recreation Area

The Laguna Mountain Recreation Area has several trail systems/loops that can be ridden separately, or you can link them up for a bigger day in the pine forest.  Big Laguna Trail (BLT) stays in and around the main meadows area, while Red Tail Roost and Los Gatos are side trails that can be looped into the BLT network.  You could also connect a Lagunas ride with Noble Canyon.  It’s not all that technical up in the Lagunas, but mile-high riding under a blue bird sky on trails that meander in-and-out of conifer forest, mixed with some oak, and meadows is always a good time.

Logistics:  you can park along the Sunrise Highway. If you are unfamiliar with the area, it’s best to have the day pass (see Noble Canyon ride about obtaining one) in case you are in an area that requires the pass.  You can also access the trails from the campground, a great place to spend a night or two.  You don’t need the pass if you are camping.

Check it out here: trail/562722