Call to Action: Defend our National Monuments

Call to Action - 
The National Monuments in the US are under threat. International Mountain Bicycling Association put out its "Action Alert" today.

Customize and send a letter to your representatives HERE.

A 60 day open comment period was initiated by the Dept. of Interior on Friday May 12 (only 15 days for Bears Ears National Monument) in support of the Department of the Interior's review of National Monuments per Executive Order by the President.

Writing a letter to the Dept of Interior needs to be on your "to-do" list before July 10 in defense of our National Monuments!! IMBA California will be working up detailed comments to share with all of you in the next few weeks - by June 10, specifically we want to emphasize the importance of the San Gabriel Mountains and Berryessa Snow Mountain National Monuments to mountain bikers, which are on the DOI's list of monuments under review. So if you want to hold off and wait for a detailed letter template from us, that's OK.

And this is breaking news: we are working with a collection of state level partners to introduce a resolution to the California Senate and Assembly in support of our National Monuments. This resolution should be introduced in the next few days, and hoping that there will be a scheduled committee hearing next Tuesday (coinciding with our Mountain Bike Advocate "Lobby Day" at the State Capitol). SDMBA will be a signator on this resolution. 

Thanks everyone for your engagement on this issue in defense of our public lands. #keepitpublic

If you care about our public lands, please take a minute to send in a comment using the template at the link below.