City of San Diego Approves Black Widow Trail Project at Black Mountain

New Black Widow Trail Project has been given approval by the City of San Diego. 

This trail, when completed, will be just under a mile long and will be the first designated “flow trail” in San Diego County descending the western facing slope of Black Mountain and will maintain a 10-15% gradient. Work on this project will include sustainable serpentine turns reinforced with pavers to provide a fun riding experience.  

A condition for adoption into the official trail inventory was the steep fall-line, in excess of 60% gradient, be rerouted into a serpentine "flow" trail to comply with the gradient requirements for the City of San Diego trails.  
In the spring of 2016 the line was identified, grades calculated, and preliminarily mapped.  Final habitat impact was completed in the summer of 2017. 

Building will begin in late summer 2018 and continue into 2019. Volunteers will be needed and build days will be announced by SDMBA as we get closer. 
This project will be funded by a grant from REI, Sutton Advanced Dentistry, as well as individual donations made to the 2017 IMBA Dig In Campaign. 

Please contact Matt Bartelt with any questions.