Your input needed on San Diego Parks Master Plan Revision

This is your time to ask the city to improve its trails plan. The last time the city updated the master plan was over 40 years ago. Much has changed in that time but the plan has not!

Check this link for 9 upcoming meetings all around San Diego and go to one!  Bring friends!

You can also give detailed online input at the link above also.  

Now is the time to get out and spend an hour or two to represent what we all know is needed. A comprehensive trails plan that allows for:
- Directional Trails
- Gravity Based Trails
- Bike Park/Playgrounds
- Adoption of more social trails to create connectivity

Other things to consider. As San Diego continues to grow, open space will become less and more spaced out without addressing our growth. Open space is needed for flora and fauna as well as places to recreate. We cannot allow exclusionary practices where land becomes an island in a sea of humanity yet it is not allowed to be accessed. This is a recipe for destruction through uncontrolled use.

It is imperative the City of San Diego continues to fund its open space programs and builds a comprehensive trails program to protect the open spaces. Trails will help keep users out of sensitive areas and reduce the impact overall. We have all seen areas without a trails plan suffer through uncontrolled use.

Please find the time in your schedule to attend and provide input in person. Together we can make a difference for the next 30 years.