Calavera Trails Advocacy Meeting and Other Efforts

How Can You Help? 

Carlsbad Highlands Ecological Reserve

We know enforcement by California Department of Fish and Wildlife has become a significant issue at Carlsbad Highlands Ecological Reserve (Calavera) and we need your help to take action on this issue. We are working with a groundswell of local interest in advocating for a solution. 

Read SDMBA's position on the issues surrounding Calavera HERE.

Please take 10 minutes to send a message to your state and local elected officials on this issue. Click the link below to access our legislative action center.  Customize your message expressing what this place means to you and your family. We especially need residents of Carlsbad, Oceanside and Encinitas to participate. 

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North County Advocacy Meeting to talk about strategy and how we are moving forward on this issue.

Thursday April 18th

5:30 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. 

Zoic Clothing 5611 Palmer Way, Suite F, Carlsbad, CA 92010