San Diego County Bike Park

Sweetwater Bike Skills Park 

1/16/2018 Update:  The County of San Diego has approved $500,000 in the operational budget towards the Sweetwater Bike Skills Park.  There will be two community meetings about to gather input from the public on this project. The first meeting is scheduled for January 23 at Sweetwater Summit Campground community building from 6-8 p.m.  Come and bring your creative ideas for features, lines, pump tracks, etc.! We want to hear it all. 
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There will be another meeting announced for February. Stay tuned.     

SDMBA promotes the sport of cycling for all people of all ages and skills. We believe that one of the best places to do this is at a Bike Skills Park. These next generation parks are popping up all around the country with great success. Bike Skills Parks promote a healthy, active lifestyle and create a vibrant community hub.

Bike Skills Parks attract families, teens and riders of all abilities who want to practice their skills and meet others who share their passion. It not be an unusual sight to see a toddler on a balance bike next to a professional BMX riders followed by a mom and a daughter riding a the pump track together. Elements of a Bike Skills Park can include progressive skills elements, pump tracks, tot tracks, jump lines, and features.

SDMBA is currently working in cooperation with the County of San Diego and Supervisor Greg Cox to bring such a facility to the region. The concept has been discussed in the area for years but real progress is now being made. 

As plans move forward for a Bike Skills Park, SDMBA is working closely with the County of San Diego Parks and Recreation Department and all stakeholders to ensure that the final product is a top notch facility. The support of community members, volunteers, and local and regional sponsors will be necessary to create a vibrant, world-class facility.

SDMBA has also been involved in preliminary talks with the City of Chula Vista for a Bike Playground which is designed with younger children in mind. A small pump track has also been approved by the City of San Diego for installation at Pacific Highlands Ranch Park to open in 2018.

The only public operating pump track currently in San Diego is at the Chula Vista Elite Athlete Training Center as part of Chula Vista BMX operated by Tyler Brown. Open limited hours so please check their hours of operation before visiting.