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Archive for August 28, 2014

SDMBA Complete Reroute in Noble Canyon

SDMBA, in partnership with the Cleveland National Forest, has recently completed a reroute on the upper portion of the Noble Canyon Trail. The reroute, which is approximately 1/3 of a mile long, eliminates two unnecessary and dangerous road crossings while reducing erosion by laying the trail out in a more sustainable location than the previously fall-line section of trail. SDMBA volunteers have put in numerous days since February building this new section of trail, which was officially completed and opened to the public June 14. Due to the current drought and lack of soil moisture the new trail’s tread is currently loose, dry, and dusty is some sections – this will improve over time as the trail gets ridden in and we start to receive rains. In the coming weeks SDMBA will assist the Forest Service in closing down and rehabbing the old and deteriorated trail section that has been rerouted. Thanks for all the hard work by those that volunteered to get this project accomplished!

Will Brennan
Wilderness/Trails Manager
Descanso Ranger District
Cleveland National Forest

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Del Mar Mesa Update

While the Resource Management Plan (RMP) for Del Mar Mesa (DMM) continues to move forward, it is far from the speed we were hoping for. Here is an update on the status of the DMM RMP.

Mitigated Negative Declaration for Del Mar Mesa
On March 20 2014, the Development Services Department released a draft of the Mitigated Negative Declaration (MND). It contained information on the biology, archaeological history, and projected impacts of the City proposed trails plan. Nearly all conditions were considered minimal impact and the draft was opened to comment for 30 days. In that time, the public, state, and several federal agencies supplied comments. All of these comments need to be addressed and commented on by the city prior to the plan moving forward. In the beginning of July the City responded to inquiries on the status of those comments with the following statement:

We anticipate having a final MND for distribution sometime at the end of July or early August. No firm date yet, but the document will need to be final for 14-days prior to the first public hearing which we hope can be sometime in the early Fall.

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Camping and Riding Weekend

Saturday June 21st – Sunday June 22nd.
Campsite check-in is 2pm, Ride starts at 3:30pm.
Location: Kumeyaay Campground Mission Trails Regional Park, sites 26-29.

Come out and play this weekend with SDMBA. There are lots of things to celebrate!

  • SDMBA turns 20 years old this year!
  • Summer if finally here!
  • The campground at MTRP has re-opened.

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