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Awards and Grants

To submit grant opportunities please e-mail: 

Grants by Year:


NEEF  (National Environmental Education Foundation)  $5,000 Capacity Building Grant to help with strategic planning, technology coordination and communications. 

REI Grant for $15,000 to continue work and logistic support at Black Mountain Open Space Park.

REIGives $20,000 grant for SDMBA Project Oasis proposal (grant request was for $15,000)
Trek Bicycle Superstore gift of $5,716 (unrestricted)

Patagonia Cardiff raises almost $700 for SDMBA during Bike to Work Week!

REIGives $10,000 grant for work in Nobel Canyon, Cuyamaca, and Crestridge
Trek Bicycle Superstore gift of $5,408 (unrestricted)

CLIF/IMBA $500  IMBA small grants program grant to fund EDI/SDMBA Happy Trails, Happy Habitats! day at Earth Discovery Institute in January 2014 report in pdf
REIGives $10,000 grant for work in three San Diego County Locations

REIGives $10,000 grant for trail work and supplies
Cynthia and George Mitchell Foundation $ a generous, undisclosed contribution to SDMBA (thank you!)

REIGives $6,000 grant for trail work and supplies

REIGives $10,000 grant for ‘Better Trails for San Diego’ project

REIGives $4,995 grant for trail work and supplies

REIGives $4,939 grant for trail work and supplies