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Call to Action: California State Parks Planning Comments Needed

Hello Fellow Mountain Bikers!

We have a quick CALL TO ACTION for you to make sure California State Parks LISTEN TO YOUR VOICE when they do their planning!!! The California State Parks “Transformation Team” will soon complete their current phase of planning for how to run YOUR State Parks. Please take a few minutes to send them a message at HERE reminding them how you want YOUR State Parks to be run. We have included a sample letter below…please CUSTOMIZE it as you see fit but PLEASE SEND YOUR COMMENTS. We need to ensure mountain bikers voices are heard during this critical juncture!!! Check HERE  for more info about the Transformation Project in general.

Our goal is to have 1,000 messages in the transformation team inbox by mid January so PLEASE speak up! Thanks for your time.  

Letter Template:

Dear Transformation Team:

I am frequent visitor to California State Parks, and I spend a lot of time riding my mountain bike on trails in Cuyamaca Rancho State Park, Border Field State Park, Anza Borrego State Park and several other CA State Parks. Every year, the trails get degraded and less safe due to lack of maintenance coupled with an explosion in the number of people biking, hiking, running and horseback riding on them. Progress for increased access for mountain biking in particular, and getting State Park approvals for keeping the existing trails safe and sustainable takes an incredibility long time, if it even happens. The same can also be said for General Plans and Road and Trail Management Plans in nearly every part of the State Parks system. Nothing seems to get accomplished in our beloved State Parks when it comes to planning and maintaining trails for recreation.

As a member of the San Diego Mountain Biking Association (SDMBA),a chapter of the International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA), I am one of many enthusiastic and skilled volunteers who are helping to take care of the trails we have. If only we could get timely and regular permission/approvals from State Parks to work on opening more multi-use trails for everyone.  As mountain biking continues to grow locally, especially with the hugely popular youth mountain biking programs, it is painfully obvious that additional trails — which have been discussed by State Parks for years — need to be given the green light to open up or break ground. Instead, we are constantly met with bureaucratic hurdle after bureaucratic hurdle.

I ask the Transformation Team to really look at streamlining processes which help keep our State Park trails safe and enjoyable for all users, and start prioritizing RECREATION and education on OUR public lands as was originally intended.