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SDMBA - San Diego Mountain Biking Association
A new website is coming!

We are in the process of launching a new website that should make it easier to navigate, find information, and for us to update the site with fresh content. In the meantime, for the most up-to-date content, please visit our Facebook Page at facebook.com/SDMBA. The new site is scheduled to launch by 1/31/2014, but the date is subject to change.

Hikers and Bikers to Rally in Protest of Recent San Diego Trail Closures

Saturday, January 11, 2014   9 AM – 1 PM

Protest Parade starts at 10 AM

Mission Trails Visitor’s Center

One Father Junipero Serra Trail, San Diego CA 92119

Trail users including Hikers, Mountain Bikers and Trail Runners are planning to gather in protest of the rash of recent trail closures across San Diego County. All Trail Users are encouraged to participate. While SDMBA did not plan this event, we support the local community of trail users that are rallying to express their disappointment in the way these trail closures were carried out.

Look for SDMBA volunteers and the SDMBA iPad to sign up for membership and join the fight for better trails in San Diego.

We encourage people to ride responsibly and ride only on open trails.  We encourage the City and MTRP to work with SDMBA and other Trail Users to come up with alternatives before closing trails.


For more information about the protest rally, a link to the Draft MTRP Master Plan Update and an on-line petition click here.

News Alert: Mission Trails Regional Park Area Closures
A Special Edition TrailNews Alert was sent out on 9/17 to inform you of a planned closure to areas of Mission Trails Regional Park, SDMBA's actions, stance, and next steps.

Click here to view the entire message.

The San Diego Mountain Biking Association (SDMBA) and IMBA are pleased to announce that after several years of discussions and an application period they have entered into an agreement that moves both organizations forward. SDMBA has "graduated" and joined the IMBA Chapter Program with an agreement that provides increased organizational capacity including membership support, special programs and a full-time staff person dedicated exclusively to working on programs, projects and advocacy in the South West.

"SDMBA has been an IMBA Affiliate Club for years. We've always been a part of the IMBA family but now both organizations are even closer. Now we'll be supporting IMBA even more and they will return that support." said Michael MacGregor, SDMBA's President.

By joining the chapter program, all SDMBA members will automatically receive dual membership with SDMBA and IMBA for just one fee. IMBA encourages all mountain bikers in the areas served by SDMBA to join this successful, highly-organized and very active organization. Founded in 1995, SDMBA has more than 500 members throughout San Diego County and maintains more than 300 trail miles in 18 parks, preserves and open spaces. In 2012, SDMBA volunteers logged 2,000 hours at 37 organized trail work days. SDMBA also provides rides and social opportunities to its members with events including the annual Archipelago Ride, the Tour de Fat and Annual Photo Contest.

IMBA is excited to have SDMBA as a partner in its chapter program. With more than 115 chapters active at the beginning of 2013, IMBA is looking forward to helping evolve the mountain bike movement. The Chapter Program has boosted IMBA's ability to increase staff including Regional Directors. Patrick Kell, IMBA's Southwest Regional Director has been helping SDMBA with advocacy issues as diverse as getting San Diego a bike park, working on US Forest Service and State Park Plans and support through regional summits. "The IMBA Chapter program is proving to be a highly successful model for uniting mountain bike advocates under one umbrella, with each chapter maintaining its local identity and flair. Through this program we are literally banding hundreds, if not thousands of riders together each year, giving us a stronger voice on Capitol Hill, and with land managers all around the country. We are very excited to have the San Diego Mountain Biking Association join the chapter program, given their standing as a leading trail advocacy group in California, the potential to impact literally millions of southern California residents and visitors through providing new and improved mountain bike trail access and bike parks. IMBA are very proud to have SDMBA as a chapter and pledge to work closely with them in creating more trails for us all to ride"

We at SDMBA look forward to this great partnership and a future of mutual growth in membership, cool programs, talented staff and more opportunities for great mountain biking.

2013-9-28 Tour De Fat
image host Its that time again, Tour De Fat is back! Check the offical facebook page for the latest information.

The following is from SDMBA Liaison to La Costa Preserve, Rich Julien
Check out some pictures of the bridge construction here


Dear Mountain Bikers

Here is my story of Copper Canyon. Copper Canyon gets it name from the German immigrants who discovered some copper deposits between Denk Mtn (La Costa) and Double Water Tanks to the south. The copper was mined extensively during WWI and in the following decades the ore played out was of poor quality and the mines abandoned.

There are still plenty of reminders of the mines right under foot but the shafts had to be filled in after some knotheads fell in and died. “Survival of the Fittest” at work.

So there were some old old legacy trails faintly there that some knowledgeable locals knew about. Trouble was the land was now in the hands of a family that had been up to that time living on the perimeter of the suburbs. But now they were being surrounded by an explosion of growth and all the people that brings.

The stories of their efforts to keep people away and stop trespassing will go down in lore. The property then went through another owner who bought it for purposes of mitigation and today it is managed by the Center for Natural Lands Management. CNLM manages both La Costa (Denk Mtn) and the land going up to Double Water Tanks. Copper Canyon ties it all together.

Hence the new Archipelago route this year will be through Copper Canyon and not down the heinous, dangerous & lame Denning Rd. The Copper Canyon trail will be reached by descending “Whip Tail”, also a new adoption by CNLM.

Copper Canyon Trail crosses Copper Creek three times. Bridges were required to negate the effects of bank erosion and general damage to the stream habitat. With the trail now open to the public certain standards had to be met so I constructed the bridges to standards used by the USFS and similar to the bridge I built for the USFS on the San Juan Trail.

CNLM was going to pay for the bridges but I was so stoked to get Copper Creek open I wanted CNLM to use their money for bigger things like acquiring more open space and protecting what little habitat remains here. Even though it hasn't always been an easy path to coexist within the mission of conservationists I think we can help each other. It is my opinion that people need to be part of the equation of protection of open space, not not be eliminated from the equation. CNLM has made us part of that equation.

Once people relate to the land and form a bond and sense of ownership, the level of interest, compliance and participation to protect grows exponentially. So to support the mission of CNLM and bring people together I decided to sell routered names on the planks of the bridges and donate the money to CNLM.

I petitioned SDMBA for the costs of the three bridges and the Board granted me the money. It was a huge job and I needed a good right-hand man. In fact I found a couple of good men to help me. One was Bryan Furbee, my riding partner, and the other was Dee Folse, of Team Shoebacca. Between us we have routered 80 names of committed people and 20 corporate names from businesses that have always had our backs.

The addition of Copper Canyon now provides a critical corridor that starts at Cadencia Park and leads you to Elfin Forest and onward on the Archipelago Trail. While we have been raising families, riding, surfing and holding down jobs, someone else has been doing the work that we didn't know how to do or didn't want to do. So the plan is to present CNLM with the proceeds from the planks.

-Richard Julien


SDMBA Makes News in East County Magazine
On Sunday, 1-20-2013, 27 volunteer members of SDMBA met at the Par Four trail head of the San Diego National Wildlife Refuge (SDNWR) to construct sustainable shared-use single-track trail.

This event is the first time mountain bikers earned the privilege to construct shared-use trails within a National Wildlife Refuge which is administered by the US Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS).


Jill Terp, Refuge Manager, had this to say about this historic event: “We are very grateful to San Diego Mountain Biking Association and their supporters who volunteered their time to create sustainable trails.  We were awed by SDMBA's organized approach with tools and checklists, their commitment to safety, and the sweat and energy of young and old alike.  What an amazing group!..."


SDMBA has worked with USFWS since 2009, conducting multiple trail assessments, providing input dealing with biological and cultural assessments, and earning the trust of USFWS to be able to deliver exactly what SDMBA said they would deliver. The proof is on the ground at Par Four.

USFWS respectfully requests that trail users stay off these new trails until we officially open them for public use.


To view the full article with photos click the link below.


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