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2007 Trail Work Reports PDF Print E-mail

We've gotten off to a great start. The weather has been cooperating and the turnouts have been good. This is going to be a good year for the trails because of volunteers like you.  

Read more for reportings of 2007's trail work events and photos. 

Trail Work 2007

REI & SDMBA Annual Volunteer Project at Cuyamaca Rancho State Park, November 3 & 4, 2007

The REI annual volunteer project at Rancho Cuyamaca State Park last weekend attracted 80 volunteers for trail work, fun and camping. On Saturday, we cut back brush that hadn’t been touched since the Cedar Fire in 2003. Ironically, we also cleared some tree trunks killed back then. The ferocious winds that fanned the most recent fires had brought a bunch of them down onto the trails. REI provided all meals on Saturday, and the park provided free camping that night.

After breakfast on Sunday, participants had the choice of going on a hike, an orienteering session with the world famous Dr. Bill Gookin, or on a mountain bike ride with SDMBA. While we did have to stop and climb over some fallen trees, we were able to move the ones that weren’t too heavy for our group to handle. Conditions were perfect for outdoor activities like camping and riding. The expected Santa Ana never materialized and temperatures stayed very moderate.


Cuyamaca Rancho State Park, June 16, 2007 - Paso Picacho.

On June 16th, a small group of SDMBA members teamed up with other volunteers in a joint trail work event at Paso Picacho in Cuyamaca Rancho State Park. After an advance team flagged and cleared a reroute around an existing trail, we tidied things up by taking out some Ceanothus (California lilac) stumps, doing some pruning, rock-lining a drain, and creating a few full bench cuts to promote water flow off the trail.

Trail work has many expected benefits (creating and maintaining riding opportunities, preserving habitat, burning extra calories, interacting with fellow mountain bikers, etc.) Trail work can also afford some unexpected benefits as well... like adding to the English lexicon. During this event, we created a new phrase to describe the act of digging around a root with a pick-mattock and then using a lopper to cut the root as far back as possible. Where else but SDMBA trail work events can you simultaneously do your part for mountain biking and expand your vocabulary? View photo.



Mission Trails Regional Park Trail Work, April 22, 2007 - Singletrack west of the Fortuna Saddle.

A crew of 10, a mix of experienced trail bosses and fresh faces,  armored  ruts and install grade dips. The soil was softer than a tube about to get a pinch flat, with smooth shoveling replacing pick-mattock pounding.  The gentle rains that evening put "paid" to our efforts and the tread to hold up for a while.

Big Ring Cyclery generously provided four $50 gift certificates and a pair of socks for each worker.  Thanks to all. View photos.



Black Mountain Park Trail Work, April 15 2007 - Miner's Ridge Loop Trail

Thank you to the 20 volunteers who helped re-open Miner's Ridge Loop Trail in Black Mountain Park on April 15, 2007.

In addition to cutting back brush, we re-worked some of the tread on the western half of the loop to make it more mountain bike friendly. Ranger Tom Miller also posted new signs along the trail that officially recognize Miner's Ridge Loop Trail's recent redesignation as multi-use (hiking AND mountain biking).

Joining SDMBA crew members Gardner Grady, John Holloway, and Tom Sommer were some new faces (Laura from Anapolis, Taylor, Cheri, Robin, Don, Anthony from Black Mountain Bicycles, and Ross), some families (Bill / Jake / Will and Matt / Devin), and some old friends (Todd, Chris, and Arne from Black Mountain CAC).

Special thanks to Black Mountain Bicycles and Clif for donating the prizes that were raffled off at the conclusion of trail work and Ranger Tom for taking a day off from his regular duties at Mission Trails Regional Park to help out his old friends at Black Mountain Park. View photos.


Elfin Forest Trail Work, March 24 2007 - 2.5 miles from the Lake Hodges Overlook Trail trailhead

The rangers shuttled half of the group while the other half decided to ride to the location. Our task was to repair two eroded switchbacks and add grade dips above each switchback to help control the runoff. The twelve volunteers split into two groups, one lead by Andy Darragh and the other lead by John Holloway. Andy and his team worked the lower switchback and John and his team worked the upper switchback. To repair the lower switchback, Andy’s team armored the existing inslope drain and installed two grade dips above the switchback. After completing the work on the lower switchback, Andy’s team moved to the upper switchback to help John’s team. The upper switchback was in much worse condition and required extensive repair. Fortunately, the rangers brought along a small portable jackhammer that was used to breakup the clay and rock allowing us to re-contour switchback and create an inslope drain. Two large grade dips were also installed above the switchback.

After the trail work was done and back at the staging area, schwag was handed out to many lucky volunteers courtesy of Beyond Bikes.com. Thanks! View photos.



San Dieguito River Park Trail Work, March 11th 2007 - Bandy Canyon

On a cool clear Sunday morning 5 SDMBA members joined 2 Rangers and 4 SDRP volunteers to build water bars, grade a 1/4 mile of trail and clear vegetation off the Coast to Crest trail that runs along Bandy Canyon Road so that all users may have this trail to enjoy this summer. It was a fairly easy three hours of work that once it was ended we still had the energy for a short ride up and down Raptor Ridge. Thanks to everyone for coming out and giving a little bit back to the SDRP. View photos.



Cuyamaca Rancho Sate Park Trail Work, February 3rd 2007 - Upper Oakzanita Trail
It was a beautiful day at Cuyamaca Rancho State Park; nine SDMBA volunteers and the park's trail maintenance unit volunteers carpooled to East Mesa turnout and up East Mesa Fire Road to the trail intersection of East Mesa and Oakzanita trails, then hiked 1.4 miles to the top of Oakzanita Peak. We cleared the overgrown trail from a narrow path to about four foot wide to allow plenty of clearance for all users. The line is really nice and clear, thanks to all for making this huge improvement. View photos.

Noble Canyon Trail Work, January 20th 2007
- First Trail Work Of The Year

Under a clear blue sky with a brisk winter chill in the air, seventeen SDMBA volunteers met at in Pine Valley at the Noble Canyon Trailhead in the Laguna Mountains East of San Diego. They came to give something back to the trail they love to ride.  Carrying loppers and saws three miles up and down the trail, they cut back the brush that was crowding the singletrack. They all contributed five hours of sweat equity that will pay off for many seasons to come for ALL trail users. Working on the trail gives volunteers a different perspective and a feeling of responsibility, because they are taking charge of shaping the trails we all use. After the trail work was done and back at the trailhead, schwag was handed out to all the volunteers courtesy of Charlie Skerlecz, owner of Cal Coast Bicycles. Thanks, Charlie! View photos.



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