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SDMBA Volunteer Committees Descriptions & Duties PDF Print E-mail

SDMBA is your club. Read on for more information about how to get involved. Sign up for a committee's chat group to start volunteering today.

Committee descriptions:

1) Trail Building & Maintenance
Responsible for promoting and running trail work events, working with the liaison for park approval. Maintaining tools.
To volunteer sign up for yahoo group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/sdmba_trailworkers

2) Social/Event Planning
Responsible for promoting and running all social events, working with the liaison for park approval.
To volunteer sign up for yahoo group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/sdmba_social

3) Progressive Riders Organization
Responsible for finding locations, fund raising, promotions, advocacy and community involvement for bike park, freeride, and downhill interests. Finding designers, builders and volunteers.
To volunteer please post here: Progressive Riders Organization Forum

4) Advocacy/Political
Find and address issues of access throughout the area. Organize letter/email campaigns. Work with liaisons to resolve conflicts and legal problems.
To volunteer sign up for yahoo group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/sdmba_advocacy

5) Marketing/Merchadising/Membership/Sponsor
(In the future hopefully we can break this group up but for now Marketing and Merchandising add to membership/sponsors and fund raising)
Responsible for posting events, finding ways to increase membership/fund raising and maintaining website/trailnews.
To volunteer sign up for yahoo group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/sdmba_marketing

6) NMBP- Patrol
Set up program with IMBA. Recruit volunteers. Bridge the gap between agencies for a county wide patrol.
To volunteer sign up for yahoo group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/sdmba_nmbp

Operation procedure of all committees:

1) Work with liaison to address issue/event in a particular park or area
2) Draft all announcements including directions/contact/links.
3) Send all announcements through marketing committee for editing and posting.
4) Use email chat group for committee business.
5) Write followup of issue/event for posting and board.
6) Committee heads on yahoo SDMBA board site.
7) Committee head run meetings and look for volunteers
8) Be ready in November with events and dates for the yearly calendar

SDMBA Monthly Meetings:

Last 1/2 hour of meetings break into committees to discuss business. Meet your fellow members.



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