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We meet every third Wednesday of the month @  7 pm  at Mission Trails Regional Park Visitor Center.

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SDMBA held a Trail Work Session at Big Rock Trail on Cowles Mtn. in Mission Trails Regional Park on Saturday April 4, 2009. The group of X met at 8:00 am, and worked from 8:30 until 12:30. The group divided into four teams each lead by a Trail Boss. The Trail Bosses were formed from the “Strike Team” including: Gardner Grady, John Holloway, Greg Lambert and Tom Sommer. The Trail Work Session was led by Mission Trails SDMBA Liaison Kim Wiley. The Mission Trails Ranger in charge was Ranger Mel Naidas. Trail Work was flagged the day before by Greg Lambert, Tom Sommer, Alison Whitney, and Kim Wiley. The trail work was sponsored by North of the Border Bike Shop. Doug Wolkon, part owner of the two man shop, took Saturday morning off to lend a hand.

The following are before and after photos of representative examples of the work done. The photos are arranged from North to South. The majority of trail work included the rehabilitation of existing wood water bars. Photos below show creating a knick and berm at a water bar.  

Before wood water bar rehab workAfter wood water bar rehab

Photos below illustrate corralling with rocks where the trail has widened around a water bar through erosion and use.

During photo of rock corralling After photo of rock corralling

Photos below are an example of repairing some turns where the tread was eroded. In some instances, large rocks were added to create choke points directing users on the trail. 

Before work on seriously eroded turnAfter photo of improved insloped turn

Photos below are examples of rocks used to direct water off the trail. Here, rocks were added to a naturally occurring rock outcropping.

Creating a natural appearing rock water barNatural appearing rock water bar

The trail work was done along an approximately half mile section of Big Rock Trail stretching from a point south of the Big Rock trail head up to slightly beyond the junction with Mesa Trail. Sections of eroded fall-line unsustainable trail were skipped. These sections are recommended for rerouting. Large rocks were carried up the trail by several volunteers with a “Spartacus” (chain link webbing).

The next scheduled trail work event at Mission Trails will take place on Saturday, November 21st, 2009.


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