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! public announcement from MCAS Miramar Community Plans and Liaison Office !

—————start public announcement from MCAS Miramar Community Plans and Liaison Office to SDMBA dated March 26, 2015—————–

Dear Community Members,

The MCAS Miramar Community Plans and Liaison Office is respectfully requesting your assistance in publishing the text below into any community newsletters or email distribution lists you have access to. Trespassing in East Miramar is a very serious public safety concern to the air station. Unauthorized personnel will be issued a trespassing citation and summons to Federal Magistrate Court.

The Community Plans and Liaison Office greatly appreciates your assistance in getting this information out to the neighborhoods that are near MCAS Miramar.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Thank you again for your assistance,

Kristin Camper
Community Plans & Liaison Office
MCAS Miramar
(858) 577-6603




“On the morning of March 16th, mountain bicyclists were observed in the impact area of the Rifle Range aboard MCAS Miramar. Marines were actively firing rifles on the range when the trespassers were observed, and an emergency cease fire had to be called. Fortunately, no injuries occurred. In addition to the obvious danger presented to bicyclists that ride through an active rifle range, trespassing incidents like these lead to lost training time and a diversion of USMC resources.

Since 2006, the Hathcock Range has been a critical USMC asset that trains and qualifies 8,900 Marines annually on both the M16A4 Service Rifle and the M9 Service Pistol. By Marine Corps order, all Marines must qualify annually on the pistol, rifle, or both to maintain combat readiness and small arms weapons capabilities. Superb marksmanship is a hallmark of the Marine Corps and distinguishes it from other military service branches.

Although many areas of East Miramar are not fenced off, those areas are still a part of MCAS Miramar and protected by federal trespassing laws. East Miramar is adjacent to the Mission Trails Regional Park, Sycamore Canyon Preserve, and Goodan Ranch Park. Signs are located on the MCAS Miramar boundary to discourage park users from trespassing. Military police periodically patrol the area and will issue trespassing citations and summons to Federal Magistrate Court.

In addition to the danger presented by its live ranges, there is significant threat from unexploded ordnance. East Miramar was used extensively as an artillery, tank, and mortar range as far back as the 1930’s and even though these particular ranges are no longer active many of them have not been fully cleared and are not considered safe. The Commanding Officer of MCAS Miramar asks that park users respect and comply with the “No Trespassing on Federal Property” signs located along the base boundary.

If you have any questions regarding this issue, please contact the MCAS Miramar Community Plans and Liaison Office at 858-577-6603.”


—————end public announcement from MCAS Miramar Community Plans and Liaison Office —————–


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