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Brief Description of Sponsor: “At ZOIC™, we strive to get you to ride more and dress well. It’s all about stylish, tech-blended comfort and great customer interactions. Besides the fact that every garment is Always Guaranteed, we have a customer philosophy that goes beyond policy. Our products are made with people in mind: for cyclists, by cyclists. And behind our clothing is a young, dynamic team that is dedicated to creating super experiences as well. Whether it’s the spirit you feel in our clothing while enjoying your pursuits, or a question you have on a size, we’d love to hear from you.” Cool bike clothing for Men, Women, and Kids.

Sponsor Location(s)

ZOIC™ Clothing
5611 Palmer Way, Suite F
Carlsbad, CA 92010

Phone: 760.893.8770 toll free: 877.484.ZOIC (9642)

Wwwsite address:

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