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Trail closures at The Escondido Creek Conservancy due to Shot Hole Borer

This is not good news for trees….or trails.
The Escondido Creek Conservancy has instituted trail closures (area west of Elfin Forest recreational Reserve) because of infestation of the Shot Hole Borer invasive beetle.

Elfin Forest Recreational Reserve Trails are still open at this time. Rangers are evaluating the situation.

These bugs are bad news for California and beyond. Most of the trees in the Tijuana River Valley have been killed by this pest. Talk to the land managers and The Escondido Creek Conservancy and learn about how you can stop the spread.
Trail closures may help stop the spread but the way the bugs travel most is when people carry firewood from region to region. ‪#‎buyitwhereyouburnit‬


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