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Volunteer Opportunities

Interested in Volunteering?

Fill out volunteer survey here and let us know how you would like to help:

Current opportunities:

Trail work 2016-17 season – various locations.  Check MeetUp for details. 


Got special skills? We need you! 

We are always on the lookout for people with time and talent.  

-Open Trail Liaison positions – Balboa Park, Sycamore Goodan Ranch, San Marcos.  Contact for more information

-SDMBA ambassadors – staff table/booth at events and outreach opportunities


-ride leaders/sweepers for meet up events (contact Robert Hubbard at

-tech skills/social media assistants


-development/event planning/volunteer coordinating



Please participate with San Diego Mountain Biking Association by volunteering to serve on a committee. 


Advocacy/Political Committee

About Advocacy: The Advocacy Committee is the largest gathering of SDMBA volunteers and is an active forum for all committees, Board Members, invited parties, and the curious to gather and discuss challenges, opportunities, and fun times relating to mountain biking in San Diego. Members of the public are welcome to come and discuss issues and advocate for trails for all non-motorized trail users. Food and beverages are often provided with a small donation request to cover costs and pickup. Advocates find and address issues of access throughout the area, organize letter/email campaigns, work with liaisons to resolve conflicts and legal problems.

To volunteer for Advocacy or other committee work please come to an Advocacy Committee meeting or contact a committee representative below:


Marketing Committee
Responsible for posting events, maintaining website, reaching out to the community to expand awareness of what SDMBA accomplishes in the press, social media, stores, through products, and more. To volunteer come to an Advocacy Committee meeting or contact: marketing [at]

SDMBA2013 Photo Contest and Show


Membership Committee
Finding ways to increase membership maintaining website/trailnews, report on growth, explore options for attracting members, and survey membership. To volunteer come to an Advocacy Committee meeting or contact: membership [at]


Social/Event Planning Committee
Responsible for promoting and running all social events, working with the liaison for park approval.
To volunteer come to an Advocacy Committee meeting or contact: events [at]

Sponsorship Committee
Working with the business community to secure support for SDMBA work through donations and foster relationships that strengthen our mountain biking interests and community together. To volunteer come to an Advocacy Committee meeting or contact: Sponsorship [at]

NMBP- Patrol
Set up program with IMBA. Recruit volunteers. Bridge the gap between agencies for a county wide patrol.
More information on the NMBP here:

For local information on the NMBP, email NMBP (at)