USFS seeks public comments on ebike usage

US Forest Service DRAFT E-bike Rule Update 

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Forest Service, is proposing to revise its directives to update and clarify guidance on management of electric bicycle (e-bike) use on National Forest System (NFS) lands.

Currently e-bike use is not allowed on NFS roads, on NFS trails, and in areas on NFS lands that are not designated for motor vehicle use. To promote designation of NFS roads, NFS trails, and areas on NFS lands for e-bike use, the proposed revisions include new definitions for an e-bike and a Class 1, Class 2, and Class 3 e-bike, as well as guidance and criteria for designating e-bike use on NFS roads, on NFS trails, and in areas on NFS lands.

Provide comment by October 26, 2020 to the draft rule HERE.

Visit here for information regarding where eMTB are currently permitted in San Diego County as well as SDMBA's position on eMTBs. Our comments on this DRAFT rule will be consistent with our current position.