Strategic Plan


Goal #1 Advocacy: Advocate for enhanced mountain biking opportunities and bike parks

  1. Continue progress on SDMBA Top 10 Priority Projects
    1. Create criteria for the Top 10 Priority Projects
    2. Two of the top 10 priority projects approved for work by end of 2017.
    3. Half of the top 10 priority projects approved for work by 2020.
    4. Advocacy Committee to revisit Top 10 list quarterly to update status and progress
  2. Strengthen collaborations with partners in order to create more legal trails for San Diego County.
  3. Continue advocacy work with government and private entities and seek opportunities to connect existing trail networks
  4. Advocacy committee chairperson will hold monthly advocacy meetings in order to communicate opportunities and challenges on trail issues.

Goal #2 Trails: Develop and improve trails

  1. Develop a network of destination quality trails for various riding styles.
    1. Continue advocacy work with public land managers and seek opportunities to connect existing trail networks
  2. Support Trail Liaisons as they cultivate relationships with land managers and prioritize projects.
    1. Facilitate a Trail Liaison Summit annually before trail building season to discuss priorities and allocate resources.
    2. Formalize application process and expectations for Trail Liaisons
    3. Recruit a Trails Coordinator as a Board position
    4. Develop and conduct Trail Crew Leader Training Program
    5. Gather and document trail development information from all projects underway with the liaisons using a consistent process/procedure/tool
  3. Create and provide resources that allow riders to improve their trail experience.
    1. Make MTB Project the main platform to map all legal trails
    2. Provide all available trail maps on website that are published by government and park entities

Goal #3 Education: Promote the sport of mountain biking through education

  1. Educate trail users on established trail etiquette and mountain biking skills
    1. Review and model established trail etiquette on every group ride
    2. Create content to promote trail etiquette and educate users on current issues
    3. Train National Mountain Bike Patrol members and facilitate their placement at local parks/agencies.
    4. Continue to support the Bike Bell Program as a tool to alleviate social conflict on trails.
    5. Provide at least one skills clinic per quarter for members
  2. Work to educate agencies, officials and other user groups regarding the benefits of environmentally sound quality trails.
    1. Provide opportunities for SDMBA trail experts to work with land managers and share best practices in trail construction and maintenance.
  3. Effectively utilize a broad variety of communication platforms to inform our members and the general public about SDMBA’s work
    1. Ad hoc committee to explore technology infrastructure that would create a consumer driven website, increase efficiency and the ability to communicate our mission a on a single, easy to use, scalable platform. COMPLETE
    2. Develop and implement Social Media Marketing plan and team.
    3. Utilize current weekly Trail News platform to promote events and issues
    4. Develop a Blog calendar with multiple contributors to highlight different aspects of mountain biking and trails access in San Diego.
  4. Board and Committee Leaders to attend local and national trail conferences, broadening their education while making strong connections within the outdoor recreation and environmental community.
  5. Educate trail users about the unique local habitat as it relates to trails.
    1. Promote and support interpretive events such as “Ride with a Ranger.”
    2. Publicize environmental learning opportunities for volunteers and members.

Goal #4 Fun: Build an engaged mountain biking community

  1. Build a strong and inclusive mountain biking community, and increase awareness of SDMBA’s work through outreach and engagement
    1. Increase MeetUp rides by 10% annually by recruiting and training more ride leaders
    2. Produce one members only event quarterly
    3. Provide activities that engage a broad and diverse community including long-term and short-term volunteer opportunities
    4. Produce at least two signature events per year
    5. Always recognize and thank volunteers and provide one Volunteer Appreciation Event annually
  2. Strengthen connections between members and sponsors
    1. Produce one sponsor hosted event quarterly
    2. Provide members with quality local sponsor benefits
  3. Ride bikes and move dirt!

Goal #5: Governance, Management, Finance, and Fund Development

  1. Increase capacity of staff and Board of Directors to fulfill SDMBA’s mission
    1. Board will approve a three year strategic plan by December 2016 and review plan quarterly - COMPLETE
    2. Establish Ad hoc committee to review current board bylaws and make recommendations to the board by February 2017
    3. Expand the Board of Directors up to 11 members by February 2017 - COMPLETE
    4. Hire additional staff to increase capacity of the organization by 2018 - Trails Coordinator hired Fall of 2018
  2. Develop and support a committee structure to allow volunteers to effectively further the work of SDMBA
    1. Determine committees and create a statement of purpose for each committee
    2. Determine individuals to fill Committee Chairperson positions
  3. Ensure the financial sustainability and accountability of SDMBA
    1. Adopt Financial Policy and Procedures by January, 2017
    2. Establish proposed budget annually by November board meeting and review budget at a board meeting quarterly
    3. Entire board involved in reviewing financial reports monthly
  4. Develop diverse revenue streams representing the entire mountain bike industry and the overall community to include grants, membership dues, event earnings, individual and corporate donations, and sponsorships.
    1. Revisit Development Plan quarterly to measure progress and plan next steps

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