Balboa Park & Florida Canyon

There are trails to be explored right in the heart of the City of San Diego at Balboa Park. There are connecting trails throughout the park that can provide an interesting, urban trail adventure. The trail system gets lots of use by a wide variety of user groups (including clandestine activities by homeless folks, that generally aren't an issue, but it's worth noting so new users are aware and practice the appropriate level of personal safety, such as riding with a friend.)  Hikers and runners with headphones and off-leash dogs are unfortunately common. Riding with a bell is highly encouraged.

Trails in Balboa Park vary from narrow singletrack, wide doubletrack, steep climbs, fun descents, technical sections, and fun flowy sections.  There are canyon bridges to explore and, in true urban fashion, you could hop on the street to gather a snack or beverage at Panama 66 or Pure Project brewing among other great places!

While there are limitless options for routing in Florida Canyon, here is a route that hits all the main areas and showcases the variety of trails available. Due to the haphazard nature of the layout of the trails, there is a considerable amount of riding and re-riding over the same trail in order to hit everything, that's the nature of Florida Canyon.


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