Black Mountain Open Space Park


There are several ways to tackle Black Mountain. To gain the reward of some fun and chunky downhill runs you will need to do some significant climbing. May routes include the long and steady climb up the fire road access to the summit area. On any trails in the area watch for other trail users as there are many hikers that come up the trails, even on Black Widow (especially on the weekends). Overall a fast, rocky & fun experience in San Diego, and is good practice for Enduro and XC (fire road repeats).

Black Mountain Open Space Park is owned and managed by the City of San Diego and is made up of a series of chaparral and sage-covered hills, ridges, and canyons. The park is currently 2,352 acres, with expansion a future possibility.

It is located in the Rancho Peñasquitos area of northern San Diego, situated between Camino Del Sur to the west, Peñasquitos Drive to the east, Lusardi Creek to the north and Carmel Mountain Road to the south. The centerpiece of the park is the 1,554-foot summit of Black Mountain, which provides 360-degree views of the surrounding area. On a clear day, the visitor can scan the horizon for ocean views to the west, mountain views to the north and east, and views of downtown San Diego to the south. Access to the summit is provided by a 2.5-mile hike or bike ride up a dirt road that is near Hilltop Community Park, located at 9711 Oviedo Way.

Multiple access and parking areas inlcuding Laurentian Drive, Hilltop Park, and Sundevil Way. Off Carmel Valley Road, Black Mountain Ranch Park and Miners Loop parking lots. Near 9606 Laurentian Drive, go past the white gate and it will take you to the fire road required to get to Black Widow and the Nighthawk Connector.



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