Cuyamaca Rancho State Park


Less than an hour's drive from San Diego lies a rocky, moderately hilly landscape that would seem to be created for mountain biking. The weather, of course, is Southern California perfect. The rides aren't too extremely difficult, but they definitely pose a challenge. And riders that take on the hills are rewarded with gorgeous panoramic views of the surrounding countryside. One of the area's premiere biking destinations, Cuyamaca Rancho State Park, offers a variety of opportunities for off-road adventure—the Green Valley Loop, the Stonewall Mine trail, the Cuyamaca Peak trail, and the trail to Oakzanita Peak.

There are several places to park throughout the park depending on your route.  You can park at the Visitor Center. There is a day rate fee at this location and there are bathrooms and a small museum/store. You can park along Route 79 at different spots, if you know the area well enough and how to jump onto this route. 

For those looking for longer routes, you can connect Cuyamaca over to the Cleveland National Forest to Noble Canyon and the Mount Laguna Recreat
ion Area.


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