Daley Ranch

Daley Ranch - City of Escondido (broad mix of beginner, intermediate and advanced trails, 29 trails, 26 miles)

Daley Ranch is located in the northeastern portion of the City of Escondido, north of Dixon Lake and west of Valley Center Road. Access is provided via La Honda Drive to the south, Valley Center Road to the east, and Cougar Pass Road to the west.
Daley Ranch provides an opportunity to quickly leave the city and enjoy a wilderness escape.  With over 20 miles of combined fire road, double track and single track there are options for all levels of riders.  However, due to the amount of climbing and the fast single track descents most riding experiences at Daley Ranch are intermediate and above. 

“All About The Single Track”, Suggested Route below is a Daley Ranch route on Trailforks that combines most of the single track into a fun loop.  Be prepared for a 15 mile ride with nearly 2,000’ of elevation gain resulting in some great downhill single track experiences.   

There are other loops and segments at Daley that will allow you to access over 20 miles of trails which can be found at
MTB Project route. 
Trailforks route. 

SDMBA has provided a bike tool station and bike pump near the Ranch House in the valley should you need it.  Thanks to REI for the funding of this project. 

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City of Escondido/Daley Ranch Trail Map
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