Hollenbeck Canyon Wildlife Area

Hollenbeck Canyon Wildlife Area - California Department of Fish and Wildlife

This is a less traveled area in San Diego County near Jamul,  but it is worth the trek. A combination of fire road, double track and some singletrack through the rugged backcountry.  There are multiple loops here most of which include substantial climbing.  Start on Lower Hollenbeck Doubletrack and then head toward Daley Truck Trail and to additional loops to the east.  

The approximately 6,100-acre Hollenbeck Canyon Wildlife Area provides a wildlife corridor between Otay Mountain and the Jamul Mountains. Habitat includes coastal sage scrub, chaparral, oak woodlands, riparian forests, freshwater marshes, and grasslands. Elevation ranges from a low of 750' to 2,100' at the highest peak.

This is a fee area that requires a CDFW Lands Use Pass.  Lands Use Pass required at Hollenbeck Canyon, Boden Canyon (hiking only)  and San Felipe Valley (hiking only)
At last check, it is $4.89 for a 1-day and $27.26 for the year in 2021.  Purchase pass HERE.

Ebikes are not allowed on Hollenbeck Canyon Trails.  

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