Noble Canyon

A So-Cal classic - fun and fast with rowdy sections. This is a very popular trail for outdoor enthusiasts. It can be ridden in either direction but is a favorite, downhill shuttle route for mountain bikes. Whichever direction is selected, only the most capable riders will be able to remain in the saddle for the entire trail. The trail is widely variable with few fast, flow sections, a helping of hair-raising and very technical rock sections, a couple water crossings, some tight switchbacks, a small drop or two, some very angry rock gardens and some pedal sections in the middle. There are a number of points along the track where the rider is exposed to dangerous, canyon drop-offs on one side of the trail. Imposing, jagged rocks will threaten wheels and pedals often during the ride. The views and the scenery along the track are glorious - many photo opportunities present themselves during the ride.

It can get very hot in the summer and the weather can change quickly in the winter. Check weather conditions and be prepared.

Downhill riders may shuttle between the parking area off Pine Creek Rd at the bottom and the Penny Pines parking area on Sunrise Highway, starting the ride at the Noble Canyon Access TrailYou will need an Adventure Pass for the lower trailhead in Pine Valley. 
You do not need an Adventure Pass to park at Penny Pines
 Certain staging and parking areas require an Adventure Pass.

People who have the annual national parks pass (America the Beautiful pass) can use that in lieu of an Adventure Pass.

How To Buy An Adventure Pass