City of Ramona

Ramona offers some back country exploration as well as some close to town beginner options. 
Ramona Grasslands County Preserve sits in the Santa Maria Valley between scenic coastal mesas and the rocky outcrops of the peninsula mountain ranges. Hikers, cyclists and equestrians alike can explore this 3,521-acre preserve, however, not all acreage is open to the public; some land is closed to protect sensitive resources along with the natural beauty of the area. There are about 3 miles of established trails on this preserve. The County of San Diego Department of Parks and Recreation is currently managing the Preserve, which provides guidance to maintain, enhance, and monitor the conservation values of biological resources within the Preserve.  Expect to say hi to hikers and equestrians on the trails! 
Pamo Valley, north of the town of Ramona, offers some backcountry exploration on dirt roads and a short stretch of singletrack in the valley that is part of the Coast to Crest Trail.

A haven for gravel bikes and mountain bikes with routes from Lake Sutherland into Black Canyon and over to Orosco Ridge.  If you are looking for a big climb with spectacular views at the top try the six miles climb up Big Black Mountain.


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