Tijuana River Valley Regional Park

Tijuana River Valley Regional Park, mostly managed by the County of San Diego, offers more than 1,800 acres of diverse habitats to enhance visitors' experiences – from dense riparian forests along the Tijuana River to coastal maritime sage scrub on top of Spooner's Mesa. Experience the extensive system of trails that link the many habitats in this fertile river valley. You can hike, mountain bike, and ride horseback along 22.5 miles of multi-use trails.

The are is also home to Border Field State Park which is right next to the border fence near the beach. You can get down to the sand and ride along the ocean for a unique SoCal experience. Throughout the valley trails, there can be extensive sections of sand that may require walking your bike.

The area is home to many boarding stables and ranches, so always expect equestrians. Wear a bell, watch blind corners and stick to the vast majority of the trails here that are open to mountain biking. There are a couple of trails, marked on the map and signed on the trail, which is open to equestrians and hikers only.

Please keep in mind this area is very different from the rest of San Diego riding. Most of it is completely flat and lives up to its name as a river valley. In any significant rain, most of it is closed and underwater with a swamp-like feel.  We recommend at least getting down there so you can experience a ride from land to sea and ride right up on the beach,


  • Primary Trail Type: Cross-Country
  • E-Bikes Allowed: TBD
  • Suggested Route: Tijuana River Valley Short Tour - 8 miles, 73 feet of elevation gain
  • Land Status: County Managed
  • Land Manager: County of San Diego
  • Tijuana River Valley Webpage
  • Borderfield State Park Webpage

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