Tri Canyons

Tri-Canyons refers to the urban canyon complex which includes Tecolote Canyon, Rose Canyon and Marian Bear Memorial Park. These urban canyons offer hikers, trail runners and mountain bikers an amazing getaway from the city right in their own backyard. Classic canyon-style riding with plenty of offshoots to explore. Watch out for poison oak!

Tecolote Canyon is an urban canyon trail in Central Coastal San Diego just east Interstate 5, with lots of challenging features including deep sand, steep climbs, and creek crossings. There are new trails on the South end near the University of San Diego. Some traversing across neighborhoods to the north can connect you to San Clemente Canyon (Marian Bear Park) and Rose Canyon. Together this area is known as the Tri-Canyons area.

History Of The Park
Native Americans have inhabited the area of San Diego County for 10,000 years. Evidence of their presence still remains in San Clemente Canyon. They camped around waterholes and streams, hunted game, and gathered wild foods from the area. While harvesting abundant resources, Native Americans were aware of the balance between people and the environment.

In the late 19th century, this area was named Clemente Canyon after a Native American rancher. During the 1970s nature's balance was threatened by plans to place state Route 52 along the canyon floor.
Marian Bear, an active community leader, and environmentalist worked tirelessly to preserve the canyons in their natural state. She was the driving force behind realigning the highway from the canyon floor to the north hillsides. In the 1980s another community campaign resulted in an additional 72 acres in the southeast section for the present total of 467 acres.


2022-2023 Trail Improvements in the Tri Canyon Area have greatly improved accessibility, connectivity, safety and fun!  SDMBA has partnered with the City of San Diego, the County of San Diego, the Clairemont Town Council, Bike Clairemont and Athletic Brewing Company to bring these to the trail users of San Diego.

Work includes: 

  • Tecolote Canyon Projects
        -2022: Treadwork, erosion control and bridge replacement in Tecolote Canyon on the September Street Trail                     and the Ackworth Trail and badly eroded sections along east side of the golf course 
        -2023: Bridge replacement south of Balboa Avenue 
        -2023: Bridge replacements and trail transition improvements near Tecolote Golf Course

  • Marian Bear Memorial Park: 2022-23 Treadwork, erosion control, trail stabilization and bridge replacement 
  • Keller Canyon: 2022-23 Bridge replacement in Keller Canyon, a finger canyon leading into Marian Bear canyon from Clairemont Mesa



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