Trails Coordinator Job Description

Trails Coordinator
San Diego Mountain Biking Association
Posting 6/29/2018 -7/13/2018

(non exempt, part-time hourly position)

San Diego Mountain Biking Association (SDMBA) is seeking a passionate, highly motivated mountain biking and trail enthusiast for SDMBA’s part-time Trails Coordinator position. The position reports directly to the SDMBA Executive Committee with an initial time commitment of 20 hours per week. The desire is to make this full-time once fully established and adequately funded. The position is based in San Diego County, and requires extensive travel throughout San Diego County with several annual trips beyond the county.

The position is funded through donations and grants, therefore development is an essential part of the position. The Trails Coordinator will be a key representative for SDMBA and must positively represent the organization to the community—with stakeholders, agencies, and funding entities, and at public events. All candidates must have a serious interest in mountain biking and trail development.  Candidate must be enthusiastic about promoting trail projects relating to mountain biking in San Diego County. 

Duties and Responsibilities:

-Provide supervision and quality control for SDMBA sponsored  trail maintenance and trail construction projects including facilitating trail work days in areas lacking a SDMBA liaison.

-Liaising with land managers, government officials, committee leaders, and board members

-Trail maintenance,  building with potential heavy machine work as well as hand work. (work with mini-excavator or chainsaw is a plus)

-Maintain knowledge of sustainable trail construction and maintenance practices

-Teach sustainable trail construction and maintenance  practices to SDMBA volunteers and the community at large at least once yearly.

-Develop and bolster the network of SDMBA Liaisons and volunteers.

-Prepare RFP’s trail planning and construction projects.

-Compiling annual metrics and reporting to the board.

-Assist with grant writing

-Participate in monthly advocacy  meetings

-Help with creating content for SDMBA website and  social media platforms as it relates to trail opportunities

-Monitor Countywide Trails Projects

-Work on partnerships with agencies on potential Bike Parks



-Trail planning, maintenance and building management experience

-knowledge of current mapping applications including GIS, Avenza, etc.

-Active with community volunteer experience

-Passionate about mountain biking and outdoor trail based recreation

-Strong organizational, leadership and management skills

-Clean driving record and valid driver's license

-Flexible work schedule (days, evenings, weekends)

-Ability to scale hours up as funding is secured

-Grant writing experience preferred (not required)

-Self-motivated problem solver

-Ability to work both independently and as part of a team

-Experience with Outlook, Office, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Google applications

-Ability to spend extensive time amounts of time “off-trail”

-Physical ability for long distance hiking, and element exposure

-Must be able to carry 50 lbs

-Can hike 10-12 miles within a day on a trail

-Can hike 3-7 miles cross country to flag new trail

-Capable of biking over 20 miles in a day

-Able to carry all needed gear to a work day sustain self

-Extensive GIS experience and fluency in ArcGis with an ability to produce PDF project maps and ArcMap online maps for events.

-Understanding of local Land Use, CEQA and NEPA

-Experience teaching and coaching others in trail maintenance and simple trail construction tasks

-First aid and CPR certified, or able to get certified


Benefits (subject to change):

Hourly pay ($30/hour), initially based on a 20 hour work week

Workers Compensation and Unemployment

Mileage ($.53/5/mile or current federal rate)

Food (when onsite or traveling)

Phone and internet reimbursement for work related use

Travel, training and conference costs

Two Weeks Vacation

Five Sick Days Per Code



First Year Desired Metrics:

-Progress on Top 10 Projects on annual basis reported to the board on a quarterly basis.

-Assist in fundraising efforts through grant writing, new events or enhancing existing events to raise funds towards operational costs, projects, and programs in the first year.