FAQ's - Mount Laguna Trail Fest

Here some some FAQ's for the Mount Laguna Trail Fest: 

Q.  Can I register at the event as a walk up?  
A.  No

Q.  Can I get a refund after I sign up?
A. No
Q.  Can I bring my RV or Trailer as a Full Festival Pass Holder? 
A.  No
Q.  Where can I park if I have a Day Pass? 
A.  Mile Marker 19, Aqua Dulce/Wooded Hill (need Adventure Pass); Red Tailed Roost, Penny Pines; Day Use area of Mount Laguna Campground (Day fee applies)  

Q.  When will I get my parking pass if I have a Full Festival Pass?
A.  You will get your parking pass when you check in at the event.

Q.  How long can I check out a demo bike? 
A.  Generally the companies that bring demo bikes will ask that you keep them only for an hour or two so that more people can get a chance to ride them.  Please adhere to their guidelines and get your demo bikes back in a timely manner.  

Q.  What do I need to check out a demo bike? 
A.  You will need a credit card or driver's license and may be asked to sign a waiver from the demo company

Q.  Can I bring my dog?
A.  Yes, but well behaved dogs only and need to be on leash in campground areas. 

Q.  Can kids under 18 be registered without a parent/guardian? 
A. No.

Q.  Will shuttles be provided? 
A. No. But we welcome attendees who are registered to arrange their own with old and new friends. 

Q. Are there showers available?
A.  There are no showers at El Prado Group Camp but there are pay showers at the adjacent public Mount Laguna Campground within biking distance.  Bring quarters.

Q. Can I bring my ebike?
A.  Ebikes are not permitted on USFS non-motorized trails.  All of the trails in the Mount Laguna Recreation Area are non-motorized.  It is ok to ride ebikes in the campground or on road where vehicles can travel.  

Q.  Will my credit card work if I want to buy something cool from a vendor or get some opportunity drawing tickets or get coffee? 
A.  Maybe but bring cash just in case because coverage is spotty at best. 

Q.  Will there be lights to borrow for the night ride.
A.  No, you will need to bring your own.  

Q. Where do proceeds go from this event?
A.  All proceed from this event got to proposed trail improvements and new trails in the Mount Laguna Recreation Area.