FAQ's - Mount Laguna Trail Fest

Here some  FAQ's for the Mount Laguna Trail Fest.  If you have other questions please email info@sdmba.com

Q. When will registration open for the Oct. 15-17, 2021 event? 
A.  We anticipate registration to open in August as soon as our special use permit is approved by the US Forest Service

Q.  How much is registration? 
A.   $150 for a Full Festival Pass (which includes camping) and $75 for a Day Pass (which does not include camping but can allow access for one,two or three days).  

Q. What if I am bringing my significant other?  Is there a discount? 
A. *Couples registering together and staying in the same tent/vehicle, can get a 20% discount on two Full Festival passes by using discount code: TWOINATENT

Q.  Can I register at the event as a walk up?  
A.  No

Q.  Can I get a refund after I sign up?
A. No. We can facilitate direct transfer of registration as long as the individual parties take care of the money.  Contact executivedirector@sdmba.com before October 1 to arrange. 

Q. What if the event gets cancelled for any reason? (ex. Covid restrictions, Fire, etc.) 
A.  Your registration will be rolled over to Oct. 2022 event.  No refunds will be issued.  
COVID statement:  While our special permit with the US Forest Service is currently being given the OK, we continue to closely monitor the COVID situation.  As this is an outdoor event, we anticipate being able to follow all current and future county guidelines as well as those followed by the US Forest Service.  However, if the situation deteriorates, the USFS does have the right to disallow the event.  We will keep everyone in the loop in a timely manner if necessary.  
Q.  Can I bring my RV or Trailer as a Full Festival Pass Holder? 
A.  There will NOT be  RV's or trailers allowed in El Prado Campground. A limited number of RV's and trailers under 25 feet can be accommodated at Horse Heaven.  Also larger RV's and trailers can be accommodated with reservations on the public sites of the Mount Laguna Campground or at Burnt Rancheria Campground while spaces are available.  https://www.recreation.gov/camping/gateways/1062

Q.  Will I get to park my vehicle right next to my tent?
A.  If you are camping at El Prado or Horse Heaven, most likely the answer is no.  Although if you arrive on Friday afternoon (12:00 - 3 p.m.) your chances are better.  Plan on transporting your camping equipment from your car to tent spot. A Wagon would come in handy.  El Prado and Horse Heaven are group camping areas.  There are no numbered spots. 

There are 5 distinct camp areas within El Prado. Some are farther from the main venue area which is in the Buckwheat site. Manzanita and Big Sage are generally quieter as they are farther away from main activity area.  
Depending on the timing of your arrival you may have to unload stuff and move to your camp area and then move car some ways away. In previous years,  there was plenty of space for folks to set up their camp areas. For most their cars are not right next to them.  Your camping location depends on how early or late you arrive to the event. 

Q.  How can I get the best camp spot? 
A.  Arrive a bit before noon on Friday to be among the first to check in at El Prado Campground.  If you signed up for camping at Horse Heaven, please come to El Prado first to check in to get gate code and other details. *there is space to turn around small RV's and trailers upon check in. 
Q.Where else can I stay? 
A. For camping, check reservations at Mount Laguna Campground and Burnt Rancheria Campground. Mount Laguna Campground is just adjacent to the venue area at El Prado Group Campground.  Burnt Rancheria Campgrounf is 4-5 miles riding from venue area.  

If booking at these public campsites, attendees will need to purchase Day Passes to attend Mount Laguna Trail Fest which are good for Friday, Saturday and/or Sunday. 

Mount Laguna Lodge offers a few lodging choices.   It is about a 3-4 mile ride on the dirt to El Prado Campground to venue area.  

Check Air BnB as there are a few cabin offerings in Mount Laguna. 
Q.  Where can I park if I have a Day Pass? 
A.  Mile Marker 19/Sunset Trail Head, Aqua Dulce/Wooded Hill (need Adventure Pass); Red Tailed Roost, Penny Pines; Day Use area of Mount Laguna Campground (Day fee applies)  See Map of suggested alternate parking HERE

Q.  When will I get my parking pass if I have a Full Festival Pass?
A.  You will get your parking pass when you check in at the event.

Q. What bathroom and shower facilities are available at the event? 
A. There are pit toilets and portapotties available at El Prado Campground, the main venue for the event.  There are pit toilets at Horse Heaven Campground.  There are pit toilets in the public side of the Mount Laguna Campground.  In addition, there are two improved restroom/shower houses in the Mount Laguna Campground. Showers require quarters!   Bring change! 

Q.  What food is provided and what do I need to bring?
A.  Participants are responsible to bring the majority of their own food and beverages for the weekend to provide for their individual needs.  Propane or other gas stoves are ok but charcoal grills or cooking on open campfire are not permitted. 
The meals provided to paid participants will include:

Friday dinner - Pizza/salad from Julian Beer Company
Saturday dinner - Avian’s Island Catering
Sunday light brunch - Julian Pie Co. Pie, fruit and juice

SDMBA will also have limited FREE trail snacks from KIND Bar and GU Energy

*We would like to request that participants wear masks while actively getting food at group meal events. 
Coffee: Caffeine and Green will have coffee for purchase on Saturday morning and REI will be making coffee on Sunday morning.  If coffee is a priority for you, please bring your own set up as well.  Bring your own cup - Save a tree!

Q.  What will the weather be like? 
A.  The average temperatures at this time of year run from the high 60’s to the 40’s at night.  It could be warmer or colder. So keep a weather eye and bring good sleeping bags, layers and outerwear as appropriate for camping with no campfires or heaters.

Q.  Will campfires be allowed? 
A.  This event takes place in the high fire season so restrictions will be in place.  This also means that any local or regional fire incidents can impact the event. If any such event should occur before or during, we will monitor closely USFS advisories closely and keep everyone informed. 

The current fire restriction order for the Cleveland National Forest prohibits Campfires and charcoal fires. Small portable stoves with shut-off valves are allowed. We ask that you remain vigilant as critical fire-weather conditions persist and are predicted to continue throughout the season. More info...

Q. What about COVID? 
A. To ensure that participants, sponsors,and volunteers can safely and confidently attend this outdoor event, we offer the following. 
  • We will have plenty of hand sanitizer and ask for everyone to practice good social distancing/hand washing protocols during the event. 

  • We would like to request that participants wear masks while actively getting food at group meal events. 

  • Our food vendors and volunteers will follow safe food handling protocols during all provided meals. 

  • If you feel sick leading up to the event, we ask that you not attend.  Please notify info@sdmba.com for arrangements.

Q. How do I sign up for group rides?
A. We will have sign up sheets at the information booth on Friday afternoon at 1 p.m.  All group rides will leave from the information booth area. 
Q.  How can I find out about being a sponsor or vendor at this event?
A.   Email your inquiry to info@SDMBA.com

Q. What bike companies are bringing demo bikes for 2021?
A. At this time, we only have Ibis Bicycles committed to bringing demos.  Bike supply for most companies is severely limited. 

Q.  How long can I check out a demo bike? 
A.  Generally the companies that bring demo bikes will ask that you keep them only for an hour or two so that more people can get a chance to ride them.  Please adhere to their guidelines and get your demo bikes back in a timely manner.  

Q.  What do I need to check out a demo bike? 
A.  You will need a credit card or driver's license and may be asked to sign a waiver from the demo company

Q.  Can I bring my dog?
A.  Yes, but well behaved dogs only and need to be on leash in campground areas. 

Q.  Can kids under 18 be registered without a parent/guardian? 
A. No.

Q.  Will there be shuttles for Noble Canyon? 
A. Yes. Shuttles will be provided by Trek Bicycles. This is a 10 mile rugged ride best for solid intermediate or advanced riders with appropriate bike and equipment. Signups must be done in advance during registration process.  $20 per per person per shuttle pick up at Lower Noble Canyon trail head in Pine Valley with delivery of rider and bike back to El Prado Campground.  Additional waivers from Trek may be required.  Shuttle fee is non-refundable but transferrable on site. 

Q. Are there showers available?
A.  There are no showers at El Prado Group Camp but there are pay showers at the adjacent public Mount Laguna Campground within biking distance.  Bring quarters.

Q. Can I bring my ebike?
A.  Ebikes are NOT permitted on USFS non-motorized trails.  All of the trails in the Mount Laguna Recreation Area are non-motorized.  It is ok to ride ebikes in the campground or on any road where vehicles can travel.  

Q.  Will my credit card work if I want to buy something cool from a vendor or get some opportunity drawing tickets?
A.  Maybe but bring cash just in case because coverage is spotty at best. 

Q.  Will there be lights to borrow for the night ride.
A.  No, you will need to bring your own.  

Q. Where do proceeds go from this event?
A.  A portion of proceeds from this event go to proposed trail improvements and new trails that SDMBA is working on partnership with the Cleveland National Forest in the Mount Laguna Recreation Area as part of the Mount Laguna Trails Restoration Project.

Q.  What were past Trail Fests like?
A.  Check out this recap of the 2018 event.